Premium Domains

What are premium domain names?

Premium names are highly desirable domain names that are generally available at a higher price than regular domain names.

All domain names are not equal. There are various factors that lend value to a domain name, for instance, the number of characters in the name, common keywords, or how memorable the name is. Invariably, such domain names are sold at a higher price than regular domain names, particularly if they represent a concept, idea, or category.

Advantages of premium names

A premium domain name makes an instant impression on the target audience, irrespective of the category or type of business. It provides a boost in search engine optimization efforts, and may also improve type-in traffic from visitors specifically looking for a product, service or idea. As such, it helps businesses and users welcome visitors that may not otherwise reach their website. It also means that users know exactly what to expect from the website, since the name makes the value proposition clear to the visitor. This can save any company a lot of time, money and effort in branding, to influence prospective customers.

Premium domains are also great for word-of-mouth and physical marketing activities - a short and memorable name makes it easy for users to come to the site much after they've seen it on TV or a billboard, or just heard about it from a friend. Ultimately, a high quality name helps you make a real statement about your business.

Types of premium domain names

Depending on their source and ownership, there are two types of premium domain names -

Premium names sold by Registries
High quality domain names in various domain extensions are often made available at a higher price by the respective Registries. Though the price is higher, these names can be registered in the same way as regular domain names. If a name you're looking for happens to be premium, the search results will indicate as much, and show the actual price for the domain name.

Registry-sold premium domains may be of two types -

  • Some domains may be sold at a very high initial price, but will renew or transfer at the same price as a regular domain name
  • Other domains may be sold at a higher price, but will also renew or transfer at the same higher price


Aftermarket premium names
These are domain names that have already been registered by other customers; however, the current owner is offering them for sale. Such sales happen through various registrars and aftermarket services. At ME-net, we have partnered with several aftermarket platforms in order to bring such high-quality domains to our customers, and they can be purchased directly on the website.

The process to buy an aftermarket domain is different from the regular domain registration process. Since these names are already registered, they must be transferred from the seller's registrar to the buyer's account on ME-net. The transfer process for these names is simplified, so you don't need to take any extra steps when buying a premium domain name.

Aftermarket premium domains are generally available across all of the popular TLDs, including .COM, .NET and various ccTLDs where the registries don't sell any premium names themselves. Aftermarket premium names have a high initial price, but renew or transfer at the same price as normal domain names in that TLD.

How do I buy a premium domain name?

The process of buying a premium domain name is not different from buying ordinary domain names - when you search for domain names on the ME-net website, premium names matching your search request will be included in the results. These results will also indicate if the name renews at a premium price, or if the renewal pricing will be similar to regular names.

When you add a premium name to your shopping cart and make the payment for it, we will start the process of acquiring it for you. Once the name has been secured, it will be activated in your control panel, and can be managed like any other domain name.

  • The price for Premium Domains is set by the registry or the current owner of the domain name and is non-negotiable.
  • Activation of registry-sold premium names happens almost instantly, just like regular domain names.
  • Activation of aftermarket premium names may, depending on the seller and the aftermarket platform, take between 1-3 weeks to complete.