Modifying the Whois (Contact Details) of Domain Names

Typically, Domain Name Contacts are of the following types:

  • Registrant Contact

  • Administrative Contact

  • Technical Contact

  • Billing Contact

In the system, Contacts are independent of a domain name. All contact information that you have used for registering any domain name, is maintained separately in a Contact database. This allows you to re-use the contact information for any other domain name registration without having to fill in all the values again. Think of this as linking Contacts from your Contact database to the domain names you register. Whenever you change any contact information in any Contact, it will automatically change that information in every domain name which uses that contact information and reflect the same immediately in the Whois lookup results of your domain name.

To Modify Contact Details for a Domain Name



The following instructions are not meant for modifying the Contact Details of:

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  1. Login to your Control Panel, search for the domain name whose Contact Details you wish to modify and proceed to the Order Information view. See details

    About Lock / Suspension 

    • If the domain name is Locked/Suspended, you will have to first get it Unlocked/Unsuspended it before proceeding further.

    • For Resellers: If the domain name is Locked by you, you may proceed without Unlocking it.

    • For Resellers: If the domain name is Locked by ME-net, you need to get it Unlocked first. Contact us at

    • For Resellers: If the domain name is Suspended by either you or ME-net, it needs to be first Unsuspended, before you can proceed.

  2. Click the Contact Details link to proceed to the Contact Details view.

    About Contact Details View 

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  3. Modify the details and click the Save Contact Details button to proceed to save the changes.

    • You may choose to use the the Registrant Contact Details for the Administrative, Billing & Technical Contact Details by selecting the Use same contact for Administrative, Billing & Technical details checkbox.

    Contact Modifications that trigger Change of Registrant verification 

    • Contact modifications to the following fields will trigger Change of Registrant verification and you will be provided with an additional step to complete contact modification:

      • Name

      • Company Name

      • Email Address

    Domain Name Extension Specific Contact Information 

    • The Modify Contact form supports the following, except for the Phone Number, Fax Number and Email Address fields:

      • Accented characters in case of the below Contact Types:

        • General Contact

          • Thin Registry - All characters

          • Thick Registry - A set of characters and this set varies from Registry to Registry

        • .CO Contact

        • .DE Contact: This supports the following Latin-1 characters:

          ¡¢£¤¥¦§¨©ª«¬-®¯°±²³´?¶- ¸¹º»¼½¾¿ÀÁÂÃÄÅÆÇÈÉÊËÌÍÎÏÐÑÒÓÔÕÖ×ØÙÚÛÜÝÞßàáâãäåæçèéêëìíîïðñòóôõö÷øùúûüýþÿ

    • The following list displays the various types of .DE (Anchor: deaddrules) Contacts listed in our system and how they are displayed in the Whois of .DE domain names:

      .DE Contact Type displayed in the System

      .DE Contact Type displayed in the Whois


      Domain Holder


      Administrative or admin-c


      Technical or tech-c


      Zone administrator or zone-c

      The Registrant or the Administrative Contact of a .DE domain name needs to be from Germany. This implies that the country of either of these Contacts needs to be Germany.

      The Name field of any .DE Contact can not be modified. If you wish to modify the Name, create another Contact and associate the same with your .DE domain name.

      While modifying the Contact Details of a .DE domain name, the .DE Registry checks if the Name Servers used by the domain name contain a Zone for this domain name and the correct NS Records.

      If the Name Servers fail to display the Zone file of your .DE domain name and/or display NS Records for the Name Servers, you will not be able to modify the Contact details of your .DE domain name. Moreover, you will be provided 30 days to correct this issue or else your domain name would get Deleted by DENIC.

      Once you have setup your .DE domain name's Zone correctly, you may click the Recheck Nameserver Status button in the Order Information view to confirm the same with the .DE Registry.

Contacts Management Independent of Domain Name 

Additional Information

Apart from the above process, Contacts can be created and managed independent of the domain name(s), directly from within the Customer Control Panel See details.


Contact Details Modification Errors and Domain Name Extension Specific Conditions 


  • You will encounter the below error message in case the domain name is either:

    • Locked/Suspended at the Registry (and not under our system), or

    • a Transfer Away for the domain name to another Registrar is under process


    Domain Status does not allow this operation.

  • If you wish to modify your domain name's Contact Details in these circumstances, you have the following solutions:

    • Lock/Suspension applied at the Registry: Contact our Support Team at to know the reason for Lock/Suspension and how this Lock/Suspension may be removed.

    • While a Transfer Away is under process:

      • Cancel the Transfer through the link listed in the email sent to the Registrant/Administrative Contact of the domain name and then perform the required modification, or

      • Wait for the Transfer to complete and then carry out the desired modification at the New Registrar.

  • Modification of Registrant Contact of a Third level .ME domain name would be allowed, only if the Registrant remains a Montenegrin individual or entity.